Description and rationale
Egregious Fixing of, or
Effort to Fix, Rankings
Managers or other team officials collude with
athletes in effort to rig league table, player rank-
ing, tour leadership, or other hierarchical stand-
ing in favour of preferred team or participant.
• 2009:
: At the Formula 1 Singapore
Grand Prix in September 2008, Renault team of
manager Flavio Briatore and engineer Pat Symonds
conspire to cause deliberate crash at 2008 Singapore
Grand Prix. Driver Nelson Piquet Jnr. was directed to
steer into a wall, allowing teammate Fernando Alonso
to take advantage of an early pit stop and thus earn a
victory. World Motor Sport Council banned Briatore
from F1 participation for life, Symonds for 5 years.
Piquet granted immunity for cooperation. Alonso
found to be blameless. Briatore’s ban was later lifted,
but he has yet to return to the sport.
8. Inadequate Physical Security
Athlete and Venue
• Terrorist Threats
(bombing etc.)
• Kidnap and Ransom
of players
• Mugging/banditry
Security is emerging as a key – if not the
key – determinant of major sporting event
Post 9/11 threat of terrorism heightens interest
in enhanced security, desire to prevent lapses
similar to those that led to Black September
attacks at 1972 Munich Olympics that killed
11 Israeli athletes and coaches and 1 local
police officer.
• 2009:
Sri Lanka Cricket Team Shooting
: Islamic
militants attacked bus carrying Sri Lankan cricket
team on its way to match in Pakistani city of Lahore.
At least six policemen escorting the team bus were
killed, along with driver. Seven cricketers and an as-
sistant coach injured.
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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