Description and rationale
Racist or
Homophobic Taunting
Invasions of international sporting events by
rowdy foreign fans render environs “unsafe.”
In some countries, sports tradition encourages
formation of raucous gangs that use violence
and intimidation to support favoured club.
• 2007:
Barras Bravas
: during the 2006-
2007 season promotion/relegation playoff between
Tigre and home team Nueva Chicago, a fight broke
out between the organised gangs –
barras bravas
– of
both teams after the visitors, already ahead 2-1,
were awarded a penalty. Nueva Chicago
barra brava
stormed stands occupied by Tigre supporters, at-
tacking them. Tigre won the match, relegating Nueva
Chicago to Second Division. Serious rioting ensued,
damaged stadium, environs, and resulted in death of
a Tigre fan. Nueva Chicago has 20 points deducted in
following season, given 20-match home ban.
• 2007:
Football Rioting in Italy
: Italy suffered spate of
football rioting in early 2007, culminating in the death
of a police officer who was trying to break up fighting
outside the venue at a Serie A match. Italian Football
Federation halted all matches the weekend following
incident, and home team in incident was banned from
using its stadium for the remainder of the season.
• 2008–2010:
Racist Abuse of Mario Balotelli
: The
Italian football star, born in Sicily to Ghanaian parents,
endures racist chants playing for Italy and Inter
Milan. He now plays for Manchester City.
• 2011:
Serbian Thugs Ends Euro 2012 Qualifier
match between Italy and Serbia in Genoa aban-
doned after seven minutes after visiting fans threw
flares onto the pitch and into the home support-
ers’ section. Serbia supporters fought with police
outside the stadium, resulting in several arrests
and at least 15 injured. Some Serbians attack their
national team bus, striking goaltender Vladimir Sto-
jkovic with a firework and forcing him to withdraw
from the game. In the stadium, others unfurled
banner, “Kosovo is Serbia.”
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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