Description and rationale
Exploitation of
Vulnerable Populations
Coaches and other team officials may exploit
their positions of authority to the serious detri-
ment of young athletes in their charge.
Most serious problem concerns children with
little to no formal education who are spotted in
developing world and lured to Europe or United
States for training. Those not selected for
competitions are abandoned in a foreign country,
may wind up in irregular economy, fosters
further exploitation.
Young players who do receive a contract often
receive inordinately low pay or have dishonest
agent who siphons off most earnings.
• 2000s:
West African Footballers
: Rising profile of
African football players in European leagues leads
to dramatic increase in number of West African
youth wanting to play professionally. Unlicensed
football academies and middlemen train boys sell
them onto European clubs. Promised trials often do
not materialise or if the club says no, the agents and
“academies” still get paid.
• 2000s:
Agent malfeasance
: key factor in the transfer
of young African athletes, often siphoning 10-20 per
cent athlete’s income if successful career ensues.
• 2010:
USA Swimming Sex Scandal
: former director
of U.S. national team Everett Uchiyama is on a list
released by USA Swimming of 46 people who in
preceding 10 years received lifetime bans or quit the
organisation, mostly for sex-related offenses that
included videotaping female swimmers in a special
shower room and taking other types of sexual advan-
tage of young swimmers.
Cruelty to Animals
Some methods used for training horses and dogs
for sport can fall under the legal definition of
animal cruelty.
• 2000s:
Greyhound Racing
: sport has been banned in
several jurisdictions, including individual US states,
for perceived widespread abuse of animals and
miserable living conditions.
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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