This report was commissioned by Monitor Quest, and the team responsible
for research and writing–Victoria Barbary, Davis Dyer, and Paul Frandano– is
deeply appreciative for the advice and support of the firm’s leaders, including
Lord John Stevens, chair, and Jonathan Joffe, CEO, as well as board member
(and Monitor chairman) Mark Fuller. Numerous colleagues at Monitor Quest
and Monitor contributed in important ways by submitting to interviews,
suggesting fruitful lines of inquiry, commenting on drafts, checking facts,
and subjecting the text to the scrutiny of lawyers. These colleagues include
at Monitor Quest: Dick Andrews, Paul Greenwood, Kathy O’Toole, Martin
Smith, and Jake Marsh; and at Monitor: Tom Blathwayt, Oliver Buckley,
Bruce Chew, Don Derosby, Blaine Farr, Glenn Goldman, Jonathan Goodman,
Jeff Grogan, Robbie Isenberg, Henry Lichtblau, Bill Miracky, Hemanth Reddy,
RomneyResney, AlisonRoss, Peter Thomas, andKyleVangel. AtGrail Research,
a team led by Ryan Doornbos, Smisha Samra, and Chip Brewer provided
valuable research support, and the team is grateful to Roland Schatz and
Tianhao Yang for their help with Figure 4.8. At Saatchi & Saatchi, Chris Hides
and Steve Martin helpfully commented on the text.
The team wishes also to thank IMG for its cooperation and many individuals
in the global sports sector who provided help or allowed themselves to be
interviewed, including: Khalid Ali, J.S. Anderson, Darren Bailey, Jane Blalock,
Martin Cannon, Simon Chadwick, David Checketts, Mark Cohon, Tom Ford,
Jessica Gelman, Paul George, Stephen Greyser, David Kenworthy, Johann
Olav Koss, David Lampitt, Andy Parkinson, Rick Parry, John Powers, Tagg
Romney, Ed Warner, and Maurice Watkins. A number of others contributed in
important ways under conditions of anonymity. Finally, the team is grateful
to many people who attended a gathering in Cambridge, Massachusetts in
September 2010. This occasion allowed us to test our ideas and concepts
with a knowledgeable audience that asked pointed and pertinent questions.
It must be emphasized, however, that Monitor Quest is solely responsible for
the interpretations, conclusions, and advice offered in this report.
The report was designed by Alyson Lee, Jade Jump, and Stephen Anderson of
the Design Studio at Monitor. It was printed in London by First Colour Ltd.
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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