Consider these recent examples:
Three Pakistani cricketers were caught in a British tabloid’s sting
operation apparently accepting money to arrange the precise
moments in a test match when “no-balls” would be delivered, which
would have allowed gamblers to place winning “proposition bets” on
their “predictions” of the timing of these events.
Nearly five years after officials from several prominent Italian
football clubs were caught conspiring to appoint favourable referees
in critical matches, the leading team implicated has yet to recover
on the field or financially. The club was stripped of recent titles,
relegated to a lower league, and suffered a drop in valuation of
more than 40 per cent. Although the team subsequently regained
its place in Italy’s top league, it continues to experience difficulty in
attracting top players and performing at prior levels.
A plague of doping has dogged cycling, notably at the Tour de
France. In 2006, the Tour’s “winner” was disqualified for failing a
drug test. In 2007, the race leader was removed by his team for
misleading testers about his whereabouts before the competition,
and two entire teams withdrew from the race following discovery
that team members had been doping. In 2008, six riders tested
positive for illegal performance enhancers, including the winner
of two early stages, whom French police arrested mid-race. Two
German television broadcasters dropped their coverage after a major
sponsor cancelled television advertising and diverted the funds to
support more stringent drug-testing.
A major U.S. university with a history of fielding outstanding
athletic teams was sanctioned by the National Collegiate
Athletic Association for eligibility violations in American football
and basketball, compelled to accept loss of scholarships, bans
on postseason play, and vacation of all wins from one season in
basketball and two in American football, including a victory in the
national championship game.
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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