Serious personal misconduct by leading athletes produced
mammoth financial consequences for the individuals –an 52 per
cent loss of potential earning power in the case of an American
professional football player and over $400 million in lost earnings
potential in another highly publicised instance –and also for their
teams, leagues, associations, the governing bodies of their sports,
and their business affiliates.
As these and countless other examples show, breaches of the integrity of sport
are both common and costly to the parties involved. They are occurring with
such frequency and impact not simply because temptation is rife –but in large
part because of the huge sums of money at stake; the expanding geographical
reach of leading teams in major sports as they build worldwide brands and
followings; an accelerating pace of innovation in areas such as performance
enhancement and online gambling; and intensifying media coverage that
promises unprecedented glory and riches to successful athletes and teams.
As a leading practitioner in the field of integrity assurance, Monitor Quest
investigated the myriad threats to integrity in sport and has produced
Guarding the Game
to inform and enlighten sports constituencies about both
the challenges and antidotes to integrity breaches. Drawing on the firm’s long
experience with integrity issues in sport, interviews with leaders in the global
sports sector, and research in the documentary record, the report is addressed
to constituencies in the sector most likely to understand that guarding the
game is their highest calling: governing bodies; league and team officials; and
the political and legal authorities that ultimately oversee them. The challenge
facing these authorities is not to eliminate all integrity breaches, which is im-
possible, but one of managing integrity threats in thoughtful, practical ways.
Preserving the long-term health and value of the global sports sector
begins with deeper understanding of the popular appeal and financial
health of modern sport.
Guarding the Game
breaks new ground on the
topic by providing:
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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