GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
This report has highlight-
ed how the globalised
and technologically inter-
connected world of 2011
has made sports integ-
rity harder to protect and
raised the stakes across
the board. The financial
and reputational incen-
tives to cheat or turn a blind eye to questionable behaviour are greater than
ever, while the tools and techniques of cheating become more sophisticated
and difficult to counter. But as the case studies in this report demonstrate,
integrity breaches can cost those involved tens, if not hundreds, of millions of
dollars and can have lasting debilitating effects as fans become disillusioned
and sponsors flee from taint.
Preserving the integrity of sport is the highest duty of those responsible for
sport: governing bodies, league and team officials, and the political and le-
gal authorities that ultimately oversee them. Guarding the game effectively
requires a comprehensive, integrated strategy to contain the threats before
they become breaches and to mitigate the effects of breaches when they
inevitably occur.
A critical prerequisite for an effective strategy is a willingness to embrace the
challenge. Unfortunately, the history of integrity management does not offer
much encouragement. Many governing bodies apparently believe breaches
are rare and isolated occurrences that do not require sustained or special at-
tention and, if one should occur, then it can be dealt with. Alternatively, the
authorities may hope that a problem left alone will simply disappear –a truly
rare outcome, even less likely in the hot glare of modern media.
Increasingly, however, authorities understand the vital importance of main-
taining integrity as essential to the social and commercial value of their sport,
as well as to its prospects for healthy growth over the long term. This attitude
resembles the newmindset that swept through the manufacturing economy a
generation ago, when the total quality movement demonstrated the powerful
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