should have a clearly articulated process that enforces the rules consistently
and issues uniform and measured sanctions to those caught in breach. The
governing body may want to appoint a dedicated Disciplinary Officer to over-
see the process.
Model Practices:
Tennis Integrity Unit:
In 2008, the four Grand Slams, the ITF, ATP
and the WTA Tour launched an independent investigation into the
integrity of professional tennis. This resulted in the establishment
of an industry-wide, in-house integrity unit overseeing all aspects of
integrity management, including educating players and protecting
them from allegations by gamblers. The unit also undertakes
investigations into cheating, corruption and inappropriate
Fédération Equestre Internationale Equestrian Community
Integrity Unit:
In 2008, the international governing body for
equestrianism, the FEI, established a Clean Sport Commission
in response to high-profile doping cases from the Beijing 2008
Olympic Games. After fresh allegations in May 2009, the FEI
established an Ethics Panel to assess and investigate the case. The
Panel’s remit was then broadened to cover the whole sport. The
major recommendation was the establishment of the Equestrian
Community Integrity Unit (ECIU) to be operated by a third party.
The ECIU, established in January 2010, monitors and investigates
corruption within the sport and ensures horse welfare.
Constituency Engagement
To be truly effective, monitoring agencies and integrity units need to under-
stand the composition of their ecosystem, the goals of the critical players (key
constituent bodies, decision makers within those bodies, individual constit-
uents), and the lead influences. They should identify key nodes within the
ecosystem and establish amicable, collaborative relationships with those
agencies possessing information or skills that can help maintain integrity. As
such, managers responsible for integrity should have formal links with all the
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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