Education should not just be limited to sport. Many youngsters dedicate their
lives to sports, train as elite athletes but fall short. Along the way, they may
have neglected their schooling and thus have no alternative career path. It
may be incumbent on some sports to ensure young athletes understand the
need for career alternatives and the importance of their education. Alter-
natively, those sports organisations that are looking to redesign education
programmes could look towards creating a safety net, providing young people
with possible alternative careers.
Model Practice:
National Football League:
The NFL undertakes a wide range
of “player development” programmes to help players finish their
education and develop a career after their playing days are over.
Most notably, the league has developed programmes to help players
cope with life as an NFL athlete. Life skills seminars assist players
to develop techniques that will help them manage various off-field
situations and issues during their career. Coping Skills/Educational
Workshops help players learn to manage the unique set of
circumstances that accompany life in the NFL, such as transitions,
injury, illness, setbacks, coaching changes, and long-distance
Football Academy Zurich:
Potential professional football players
split their days between the classrooms of the KV Zurich Business
School, coaching on nutrition and sports psychology, and football
training. After four years, FAZ students leave with a professional
management qualification. It is also possible to progress to get a full
business degree or a school leaving certificate to enable them to go
on to further education.
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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