Model Practices:
The UCI biological passport:
The passport contains a cyclist’s
baseline haematological and steroid profiles and doping test
results (urine and blood). This enables the testers to establish
individual high and low boundaries for substances that may have
naturally fluctuating levels during the season and provides a more
accurate record of whether an individual is doping, even in small
The Football Association’s “Fit and Proper Persons” tests:
These were designed to prevent those who had a serious criminal
background, run a business taken into administration, or had been
declared bankrupt from being involved in the management or
financing of a football club, thus ensuring that owners did not pose
moral or financial threats to the integrity of a sport.
UEFA “Financial Fair Play” rules:
These are aimed at encouraging
financial responsibility by requiring clubs in UEFA jurisdiction to
spend no more than they earn in a defined period of time. The rules
require clubs to break even over a rolling three-year period if they
wish to be eligible to compete in the Champions or Europa Leagues.
Sports Betting Early Warning Systems
Sport and legitimate betting both want clean sports. Both want sports pro-
moted. The problems of gambling-induced match or spot fixing do not lie as
much with betting as they do with fraudsters in illegal markets. It is crucial
for popular sports with large, liquid betting markets (football, tennis, or golf),
as well as sports in which gambling plays a key role (horse and greyhound
racing) to work with legitimate betting providers and national industry asso-
ciations to monitor betting market patterns for irregularities.
Model Practices:
FIFA Early Warning System (EWS):
Founded in 2005 to
monitor betting on FIFA matches, EWS takes betting patterns and
observations from over 400 bookmakers and betting organisations
worldwide, which report any irregular activities to EWS. EWS also
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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