monitors the betting market to detect any suspicious movement
and are in contact with several investigation units such as Interpol.
The company seeks to be as technologically sophisticated as the
gambling industry itself, and considers the likely methods of would-
be fixers: bribes to goalies and defenders who can most easily cause
an unexpected loss; placement of heavy bets late, particularly on
underdogs; sudden swings in the quality of play; and inexplicable
referee calls.
IOC International Sports Monitoring (ISM):
Despite Olympic
sports not typically being at risk of betting-induced integrity
breaches, the IOC established its own early warning system to
oversee Olympic events in October 2009. ISM has an agreement
with bookmakers from around the world to share instances of
irregular betting on any events, allowing the sports governing
bodies to investigate potential fixing of results.
Channels for Anonymous Informing
Easy, safe, and stigma-free whistle-blowing is an important weapon of the
integrity-management arsenal. Informants should be able to report anony-
mously when they suspect any form of wrongdoing, on or off the field of play,
including in sports management. This might be through an anonymous hot-
line or a website.
Model Practices:
The British Horseracing Authority “Racestraight”:
In October
2007, the BHA launched Racestraight, an enhanced partnership
with Crimestoppers (an independent charity helping to find
criminals and solve crimes). The aim of this anonymous reporting
line is to encourage both the public and the racing industry to come
forward with information about wrongdoing in horseracing.
The FEI Equestrian Community Integrity Unit:
The FEI’s integrity
unit has a dedicated confidential hotline to enable individuals to
report suspected cheating, maltreatment of horses, or corruption.
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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