Preventative Systems
Regulating the competition environment
With the increasingly complex sports ecosystem, more and more individuals
have access to athletes and managers. The risk is high that sensitive infor-
mation might be divulged in ways that affect the competition or related
activities such as legal betting– for example, strategies or pitch conditions
might be shared with opponent (either unintentionally or purposefully),
used to defraud betting markets, enable third parties to attempt to bribe
athletes to tank. An enforcement unit able to regulate the competition en-
vironment would help limit the possible occurrence of such integrity threats
as well as monitor against security-related problems –planting bombs, theft,
or hostage taking– that might result from the personal indiscretion of ath-
letes or officials.
Security assessment
Although security has traditionally been considered just one of many func-
tions in the event planning process, as sport has expanded across the globe
and athletes have become more valuable as assets, security has grown in
importance, particularly against a background of underlying terrorist threat.
Athlete and venue security are now a determinant of major sporting event
success. Appropriate steps might be introduced to ensure that a tournament’s
venues, accommodation, training grounds and transport routes are secure
and that appropriate staff are vigilant prevent terrorist or other security
breaches that might threaten sporting integrity.
Use of on-field officiating technology
Reliable, discretely placed technology might minimise the integrity threats
from poor on-field decisions by officials and reduce the likelihood of match
or spot fixing or the reputational damage associated with poor umpiring.
Many sports have adopted technology –notably Hawkeye in cricket and
tennis and television replay in American football or rugby – to help on-
field umpires make correct decisions, although a number of sports still shy
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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