Description and rationale
4. Conduct Detrimental to Sport
Scandalous off-the-
field behaviour by
players, coaches
• Gambling and
• Infidelity
• Soliciting
• Criminal Conduct
• Domestic Abuse
• Substance Abuse
• Vulnerability to
Range of misconduct that can involve officials,
owners, overseers as well as players.
Professional sports contracts uniformly contain
provisions enjoining athletes to act at all times
“in the best interest of the sport.”
Mix of money, youth, celebrity, and the pressure
of competition exposes athletes to a wide vari-
ety of temptations that include alcohol, drugs,
gambling, prostitutes, and extra-marital affairs.
• 2003:
Kobe Bryant
: Los Angeles Lakers superstar
accused of rape by a hotel employee in Colorado;
no conviction, but accusation, admission of adultery
severely harmed reputation and marketability.
• 2005:
Minnesota Vikings Party Boat
: Seventeen
members of the NFL team rented two boats and flew
in a group of prostitutes for a party.
• 2009:
Tiger Woods
: World’s number one golfer
became subject of intense scrutiny when raft of
extramarital affairs came to light; leading to loss of
several sponsors and Woods’ several-month hiatus
from golf.
• 2009:
Accrington Stanley Betting Scandal
: Four
League Two players suspended; three, playing for
Accrington, bet against own team in match with
Bury. Other suspended bettor played for victorious
(2-0) Bury.
• 2009:
Gilbert Arenas
: suspended for 2009 NBA sea-
son for bringing firearms into Washington Wizards’
locker room in violation of NBA policy and DC law.
• 2009:
Tom Cable
: after the Oakland Raider coach
shattered the jaw and teeth of an assistant coach
in altercation, his former wife and a recent girlfriend
publicly accused him of having repeatedly beaten
them. NFL takes no action, former assistant pursuing
civil suit.
• 2010:
French National Team
: Two players for side
already disgraced by public bickering and weak effort
at FIFA World Cup are charged with soliciting under-
age prostitute, face jail and fines. Prostitutes are
legal in France but must be 18. The case continues to
work its way through the French courts.
GUARDING THE GAME Preserving the Integrity of Sport
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