What we do

Quest’s broad range of investigative, integrity and security services assist organisations across multiple sectors to proactively detect, manage and mitigate business risks. 



  • Investigations into all issues such as corruption, fraud, conflicts of interest, counterfeiting, harassment, cyber-attacks and data misuse.
  • With experience in covert law enforcement, including surveillance, infiltration, forensic analysis and source development, the provision of discreet investigative services is enhanced.
  • Quest has established relationships with law enforcement, regulators, and public bodies across the globe.
  • We work with several of London’s top legal practices offering legal and litigation support and our work can be used as evidence in a court.
Executive and Asset Protection
  • Highly-trained and experienced officers, from both former Royal and Diplomatic Protection and the military, can provide professional and discreet personal protection to senior executives.
  • Provision of point-to-point secure courier service to protect valuable company assets while in transit nationwide and internationally.
  • Our intelligence analysts can conduct comprehensive internet searches of open-source material to identify and assess online vulnerabilities and evidence of threats to personal security and reputation and offer actionable advice to mitigate against them.
Security and Risk Assessments
  • Event-specific Risk Assessments will help your organisation develop Event Safety and Security Plans to guide the operations of your event, including procedures and guides for venue staff.
  • Our highly-experienced security experts can conduct business and residential property reviews to assess the safety of an organisation’s physical assets and its senior executives.
  • Fixated and persistent threat analysis conducted by forensic psychiatrists can assess fixated threat, stalking, harassment, and threats of violence directed at individuals or the brand.
Due Diligence and Business Intelligence
  • Due Diligence conducted on companies and individuals including reputational, legal, regulatory and financial checks. Searches can be conducted in both English and local language.
  • Red Flag searches to identify any litigation, sanctions, beneficial owners, negative mainstream and social media and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
  • Comprehensive research including source enquiries into a subject’s reputation within their sector and analysis of positive and negative sentiment.
  • Quest has a global Due Diligence network and publicly available information will vary depending on the jurisdiction.
Technical Security
  • Cyber-security experts to assess the cyber-threat environment and advise on mitigation strategies.
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) survey to detect, locate and identify any illicit bugging devices in the working environment, vehicles, or residences.
  • Health checks and audits on electronic devices such as computers, phones and CCTV systems, to ensure they are kept secure with no unauthorised access.
  • Penetration testing to perform an authorised simulated attack on a computer system to evaluate its security.
Crisis Management
  • Assist organisations to develop processes and strategies to identify and respond to critical events.
  • Review and/or develop thorough a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Crisis Management Response (CMR) for all sectors of the business.
  • Develop and deliver training for stakeholders in BCP and CMR.
  • Conduct table-top, walk-through and other simulations to stress-test plans and update BCP and CMR accordingly to ensure compliance and understanding.

Case studies

Quest has provided high-level security, technology consultancy and close protection services to one of the UK’s largest financial services organisations since the 2008 banking crisis

The increased number of business failures, loan defaults and home repossessions led to disgruntled customers organising on social media, intent on ‘gaining justice’ and making allegations of wrongdoing and criminality. Concerned by the escalating sense of anger and grievance and with threats being directed at individual executives and other worrying behaviours, the organisation turned to Quest. Our personal protection officers now protect the executive management whilst they are at work, in transit and at events. Online risk audits are conducted to identify and assess online vulnerabilities and evidence of threats to their personal security and reputation, with detailed advice to mitigate against them. Finally, bug sweeps are conducted at head office to detect listening devices and other electronic surveillance.

Quest was contacted by a well-known, global fast-food restaurant chain concerned about the unwanted attentions of various activist groups, including malicious communications received at their head office.

Quest’s online risk audits identified online vulnerabilities and threats to the personal security of the senior executives concerned and, where it was discovered that their home addresses were in the public domain, Quest conducted in-depth residential security reviews. These assessed the adequacy of the physical and technical security arrangements at these residences, covering the property, the physical security of the occupants and a cyber-security review. Actionable advice to improve security in the domestic setting reduced anxiety and enhanced the organisation’s business leaders’ safety and performance.