What we do

Quest works with high-net-worth-individuals and Family Offices, assisting with discreet investigations, integrity management and private security. Quest devises bespoke solutions to meet our private clients’ unique needs.


  • Investigations into all issues such as corruption, fraud, conflict of interests, harassment, cyber-attacks, data misuse and family disputes.
  • When there is a breakdown in trust , conducting an investigation covertly is essential. The information found can help to confirm or allay suspicions about an individual or an organisation.
  • Our investigators understand that matters involving family must be handled with the utmost discretion and sensitivity, particularly when relationships have broken down or children are involved.
  • We work with several of London’s top legal practices offering legal and litigation support and our work can be used as evidence within a court.
Personal Protection
  • Highly trained, experienced and licensed Close Protection Officers, from both former Royal and Diplomatic Protection and the military, provide highly professional and discreet personal protection to you and your family.
  • We can supply chauffeurs specially trained in security driving protection skills, including defensive driving, evasion and skid control.
  • Our intelligence analysts can conduct comprehensive internet searches of open-source material to identify and assess online vulnerabilities and evidence of threats to personal security and reputation and offer actionable advice to mitigate against them.
Residential Security
  • The physical security aspects of a Residential Security Review focus on the physical barriers and deterrents to approach and access a property, with an assessment of its location, perimeters, gates, doors, windows and locks.
  • The technical component of a Residential Security Review focusses on identifying potential weaknesses in the technical barriers and deterrents, including IT infrastructure, access controls, alarm systems, lighting and CCTV.
  • Provision of a Residential Security Team to protect high-valued homes and estates, the occupants, and its contents.
Due Diligence and Business Intelligence
  • Whether a private individual or a Family Office, it is crucial to conduct vetting and background checks on potential investment opportunities and on prospective hires, from domestic staff up to senior staff responsible for the oversight of family assets.
  • Due Diligence into companies and individuals including reputational, legal, regulatory and financial checks. Searches can be conducted in both English and local language.
  • Red Flag searches to identify any litigation, sanctions, beneficial owners, negative mainstream and social media and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
Technical Security
  • Cyber-security experts to assess the cyber-threat environment and advise on mitigation strategies.
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) survey to detect, locate and identify any illicit bugging devices in the working environment, vehicles, or residences.
  • Health checks and audits on electronic devices such as computers, phones and CCTV systems, to ensure they are kept secure with no unauthorised access.
  • Penetration testing to perform an authorised simulated attack on a computer system to evaluate its security.

Case studies

A high-net-worth individual tasked Quest with providing a ‘sanity check’ on a person with whom the client had recently begun a personal relationship.

From the intelligence gathered on the individual, it became apparent that there were concerning and negative aspects to their past. Further information gleaned from their previous relationships, both personal and business, revealed that they had previously duped a number of individuals into fictitious business ventures, to fraudulently obtain money. Quest investigators made sensitive approaches to their previous victims, and a historic timeline and profile were presented to the client during frequent briefings. Working in conjunction with a law firm, the individual was ultimately made the subject of a court order to repay the monies they had fraudulently obtained.

A high-profile family business has engaged Quest on several occasions in respect of issues relating to the disruption of their business operation by means of on-going legal disputes and protests.

A prestigious London hotel owned by the client was targeted by frequent protests aimed at disrupting its business and to inflict reputational damage. By gathering intelligence and undertaking covert surveillance, Quest identified the persons responsible for the coordination of the protests and who was ultimately responsible for funding them. Due to the nature of the protests, this case required agility and the need to react quickly and decisively in order to protect the client’s best interests.